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Outdoor Activities in Canada

Are you trying to spend more time with your family outdoors than indoors? Spending your time outdoors is a lot healthier for you and your family. We have plenty of places listed below where you all can explore and visit. If you're excited to spend time with your family today, take a look at our list below. 

  • There are hundreds of bike trails throughout Canada but which one will be the best for you to ride? Our list below will take you through a variety of bike trails perfect for you.

  • Horseback riding in Canada is very popular and is common for tourists. If you want to get familiar with the area, try horseback riding so you won't get tired of walking. Take a look at our guide of the best places to go if you want to experience horseback riding.

  • Canada has plenty of shooting ranges you can head to today. Visit a shooting range in Canada today with your friends to shoot some targets down. There are plenty of guns & plenty of bullets!







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